Aug 19 – 24, 2024
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Australia/Brisbane timezone

Scientific Program

Parallel Sessions/Tracks - talk durations

  • Days 1-4, 14:00-15:30 (30mins / 20mins / 20mins / 20mins)
  • Days 1-4, 16:00-17:30 (20mins / 20mins / 20mins / 30mins)
  • Day 5, 14:00-15:00 (30mins / 30mins)

All parallel talks have common durations and start and end times, across all Sessions/Tracks.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers
To be advised.

Round Table Discussions
To be advised.

Poster Session Information
To be held on Wednesday, August 21st, from 17:30.

  • A: Vacuum Structure and Confinement

    Mechanisms of quark confinement (vortices, monopoles, calorons…) and the structure of the vacuum in non-Abelian gauge theories. Chiral symmetry breaking, and the Dirac spectrum in the low-momentum region. Studies of ghost and gluon propagators. Confining strings and flux tubes, their effective actions. Renormalons and power corrections. Interface between perturbative and non-perturbative physics.

    Conveners: D. Antonov (ITP, U. Heidelberg), J. Greensite (San Francisco State U.), M. Faber (Technical U., Vienna), T. Cohen (U. Maryland) Local Convener: D. Leinweber (U. Adelaide)

  • A*: VSC Focus Subsection

    Topology and confinement at borderlines of particle physics and condensed matter: emergent confinement in cold atoms and Anderson criticality in the QCD deconfinement transition.

    Conveners: I. Horvath (U. Kentucky), J. C. Halimeh (Ludwig Maximilian U. of Munich)

  • B: Light Quarks

    Chiral and soft collinear effective theories; sum rules; lattice calculations; Schwinger-Dyson equations; masses of light quarks; light-quark loops; phenomenology of light-hadron form factors, spectra and decays; structure functions and generalised parton distributions; exotics and glueballs; experiments.

    Conveners: B. Ketzer (Bonn U.), M. Constantinou (Temple U.), H. Sazdjian (IJCLab, Orsay), N. G. Stefanis (Ruhr U. Bochum) Local Conveners: J. Zanotti, A. Kizilersu (U. Adelaide)

  • C: Heavy Quarks

    Heavy-light mesons, heavy quarkonia, heavy baryons, heavy exotics and related topics: phenomenology of spectra, decays, and production; effective theories for heavy quarks (HQET, NRQCD, pNRQCD, vNRQCD, SCET); sum rules for heavy hadrons; lattice calculations of heavy hadrons; heavy-quark mass determinations; experiments.

    Conveners: H. S. Chung (Korea U.), R. Mussa (INFN Torino), J. Soto (U. Barcelona), A. Vairo (Technical U. Munich), F. Knechtli (U. Wuppertal) Local Convener: U. Can (U. Adelaide)

  • D: Deconfinement

    QCD at finite temperature; quark-gluon plasma detection and characteristics; jet quenching; transport coefficients; lattice QCD and phases of quark matter; QCD vacuum and strong fields; heavy-ion experiments; experiments.

    Conveners: P. Foka (GSI), J. Ghiglieri (SUBATECH, Nantes), P. Petreczky (BNL), F. Ringer (JLab), J. Pawlowski (U. Heidelberg)

  • E: QCD and New Physics

    Physics beyond the Standard Model from hadronic physics, including precision experimental data and precision calculations.

    Conveners: W. Detmold (MIT), S. Gardner (U. Kentucky), W. Marinkovic (ETH Zürich), G. Ricciardi (U. Napoli), W. Korsch (U. Kentucky) Local Convener: R. Young (U. Adelaide)

  • F: Nuclear and Astro-Particle Physics

    Nuclear matter; nuclear forces; quark matter; neutron and compact stars.

    Conveners: M. Alford (Washington U. St. Louis), D. Blaschke (U. Wroclaw), J. Marton (SMI Vienna), A. Schmitt (U. Southampton), E. Epelbaum (Ruhr U. Bochum) Local Conveners: A.W. Thomas (U. Adelaide), W. Melnitchouk (JLab, USA & U. Adelaide)

  • G: Strongly-Coupled Theories

    Hints on the confinement/deconfinement mechanisms from supersymmetric and string theories; strongly-coupled theories beyond the Standard Model; applications of nonperturbative methods of QCD to other fields; strongly-coupled scenarios of BSM and Dark Matter.

    Conveners: D. Espriu (U. Barcelona), Z. Fodor (U. Wuppertal), R. Pasechnik (Lund U.), V. Vento (U. Valencia), M. Spannowsky (U. Durham) Local Convener: A.G. Williams (U. Adelaide)

  • H: Statistical Methods for Physics Analysis in the XXIst Century

    Machine learning techniques; data fitting and extraction of signals; new developments in unfolding methods; averaging and combination of results.

    Conveners: T. Dorigo (U. Padova), S. V. Gleyzer (U. Alabama), E. Rinaldi (RIKEN iTHEMS) Local Convener: M. White (U. Adelaide)