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$H^\pm \rightarrow \chi^\pm \chi^0 \to 3\ell + E_{\mathrm{T}}^{\mathrm{miss}}$ Searches

Aug 10, 2011, 3:33 PM
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Rhode Island Convention Center

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Mr Caleb Lampen (University of Arizona)


In some supersymmetric (SUSY) models, a charged Higgs boson ($\rm H^\pm$) can decay into a chargino-neutralino ($\rm\chi^\pm_i \chi^0_j $) pair producing a final state containing three leptons (electron/muon) and missing transverse energy ($3\ell+E_{\mathrm{T}}^{\mathrm{miss}}$). Such a decay could provide extra sensitivity to the $\rm H^\pm$, especially in the region of SUSY parameter space near tan$\beta$ = 7, where the $\rm H^\pm$ decays to Standard Model particles have reduced significance. We present a signature search on ATLAS data, setting an exclusion limit on an excess of $3\ell+E_{\mathrm{T}}^{\mathrm{miss}}$ events over the Standard Model background. Such an excess could be evidence of generic SUSY, the $\rm H^\pm \to \chi^\pm_i \chi^0_j$ decay, or both.

Primary author

Mr Caleb Lampen (University of Arizona)

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