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A standard model explanation of a dijet excess in Wjj at CDF

Aug 9, 2011, 5:20 PM
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Rhode Island Convention Center

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Prof. Zack Sullivan (Illinois Institute of Technology)


The observation of a peak in the dijet invariant mass of the Wjj signal by the CDF Collaboration has caused great excitement. We demonstrate that this peak can be explained as the same upward fluctuations CDF observes in both t-channel and s-channel single-top-quark production. A peak in the dijet spectrum is expected, because CDF used a Monte Carlo simulation to subtract the single-top backgrounds instead of data. The D0 Collaboration has a small upward fluctuation in their published t-channel data; and, hence, we predict they would see a small peak in the dijet invariant mass spectrum of Wjj if they used Monte Carlo instead of data to subtract the single-top backgrounds.

Primary author

Prof. Zack Sullivan (Illinois Institute of Technology)


Dr Arjun Menon (Illinois Institute of Technology)

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