LHC RRB - Overall timetable

LHC RRB Meeting April 2007

LHC Experiments and World LCG Resources Review Boards

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


ALICE RRB (60/6-002) Visit ALICE

22nd meeting of ALICE RRB

9:00 AM Introduction
J. Engelen
9:05 AM Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
9:10 AM Status of the experiment
J. Schukraft
CERN-RRB-2007-032 CERN-RRB-2007-033 (slides)
9:50 AM LHCC Deliberations (paper only)
E. Tsesmelis
9:55 AM Financial matters
P. Geeraert
CERN-RRB-2007-007 CERN-RRB-2007-012 (slides)
Status of Common Fund accounts
Summary of market surveys & tenders
Status of M&O accounts
10:25 AM Construction Budgets
J. de Groot
CERN-RRB-2007-034 CERN-RRB-2007-035 (slides)
Closing report for 2006
Current status for 2007
Preliminary estimates for 2008
10:45 AM M&O Budgets
J. de Groot
CERN-RRB-2007-036 CERN-RRB-2007-037 (slides)
Closing report for 2006
Preliminary estimates for 2007
11:15 AM Summary
Future activities, date of next meeting, AOB
J. Engelen