October 14, 2023
North Lakhimpur University
Asia/Kolkata timezone
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Conference Proceedings

Participants who present their work at the conference, whether in oral or poster presentations, will be invited to submit their full papers for consideration in the proceedings. The Proceeding will be published in IOP-Science  Journal of Physics: Conference Series

  1. Exclusivity of Submissions: SPARK 2023 will only consider papers that have not been accepted elsewhere for publication, whether in conferences or journals, and have not been previously published. Authors are also required to commit to not submitting their papers to other venues during the reviewing period of SPARK 2023.
  2. Plagiarism Check: All submitted manuscripts will undergo a thorough plagiarism check to maintain the originality of the contributions.
  3. Peer Review Process: Each submitted research article will undergo a single-blind peer review process. Expert reviewers, who are independent of the authors, will assess the quality and significance of the research.
  4. Multiple Reviewers: Every submission will be reviewed by at least two independent experts in the field to ensure a fair and balanced evaluation.
  5. Editorial Decision: While the peer review reports will be considered, the final decision rests with the editors, who are not bound by the opinions or recommendations of the reviewers.
  6. Reviewer Feedback and Manuscript Status: Authors will receive peer review reports along with the editorial decision on their manuscript. If a concern is raised by a single peer reviewer or one of the editors, it may result in the rejection of the manuscript.
  7. Exceptional Circumstances: In rare cases where two independent peer reviewers cannot be secured, one of the editors with relevant expertise may serve as a second reviewer, or a decision may be made using a single review report.
  8. Conflict of Interest: In instances where an Editor has a competing interest with a specific manuscript, the other Editor will oversee the peer review process to ensure impartiality.

The tentative timeline for full paper submission is within two months following the conference. We will provide the authors with the manuscript format, exact timeline of submission and other necessary details very soon to ensure a smooth submission process.