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The International Joint Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond 2024/3rd Gordon Godfrey Workshop on Astroparticle Physics takes place on 9-13 Dec 2024 at The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia, hosted by the Sydney Consortium for Particle Physics and Cosmology.  It will bring together theorists to discuss current ideas on models of the dark sector of the Universe and to relate them to discuss recent developments in particle physics, cosmology and astroparticle physics in the context of testing the Standard Model (SM) and searches for new physics beyond the SM (BSM). The joint workshop will provide opportunities for collaboration between researchers from different institutes, and help young researchers better promote themselves in the community. 

The meeting will feature invited plenary talks covering topics of recent interest, as well as a number of parallel sessions to provide an opportunity for junior scientists to present their work.


Plenary speakers:


Previous International Joint Workshops


The International Joint Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond series follows the KEK-KIAS-NCTS joint workshops held at KEK (2018), KIAS (2017) and NCTS (2016).


Previous Gordon Godfrey Workshops on Astroparticle Physics


Local Organising Committee

  • Jan Hamann (UNSW)
  • Archil Kobakhidze (U Sydney)
  • Michael Schmidt (UNSW)
  • Dipan Sengupta (U Adelaide)
  • Kevin Varvell (U Sydney)
  • Yvonne Wong (UNSW)


International Advisory Committee

  • Kingman Cheung (NTHU)
  • Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
  • Motoi Endo (KEK)
  • Tony Gherghetta (U Minnesota)
  • Julia Harz (Mainz U)
  • Ryuichiro Kitano (KEK)
  • Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)
  • Hoang Ngoc Long (VAST)
  • Mihoko Nojiri (KEK)
  • Silvia Pascoli (U Bologna)
  • Pham Quang-Hung (Van Lang University)
  • T.C. Yuan (AS)
  • Yu-Feng Zhou (ITP)