WG2 WG3 joint meeting on CP violation in extended Higgs sector

304/1-001 (CERN)



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LHCHWG2 meeting
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Giacomo Ortona
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Sarah Heim, Ken Mimasu
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Talk by Arturo de Giorgi
Q - Henning Bahl: What you compare r_t^2 to? Exp. results assume no CP-odd component
A: Yes, we neglect ktilde, since from the eDM limits is constrained to be small, and check at posteriori that the validity of the assumption
Talk by Marc Hannig
Q - Andrei Gritstan: Cannot compare CMS/ATLAS bounds since they are related to different final state. 
Also, within CMS we don't see big differences to simular distributions as the one you see in slide 7. Hard to draw strong conclusion from differences in the tails. Some dependence of the results on the mathing between ME and PS might also be importnt
Talk by Akanksha Bhardwaj 
Q - Henning Bahl: Do you know any concrete model for CPV HEFT?
A - Ken Mimasu: CHMs
Talk by Romal Kumar
Q - Elina Fuchs: how you calculate Z factors in slide 15? Are they calculated or are they fixed to some representative values
A: They are chosen as example, this is still work in progress
Q - Elina Fuchs: ok, these could be useful information, if made public once available
Talk by Rahool Kumar Barman
Q - Henning Bahl: Do you expect a strong impact from background effects?
A: bkg can be in principle elminated with a sgn vs bkg classifier, the unfolding model might have not to deal with the bkg
Q - Henning Bahl: but not completely...
A: yes, it will give some degradation, but the results shouldn't vary too much
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