Welcome to the EXA/LEAP 2024 conference. The conference is organized by the Stefan-Meyer-Institute for Subatomic Physics (SMI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and takes place in the premises of the Academy in Vienna.

The scientific program comprises the following topics:

Conference Topics

  • Hadronic Physics with Antiprotons
  • Physics with Antihydrogen: CPT and Gravity
  • Exotic hadronic and leptonic Atoms
  • Kaon-Nucleus Interaction and Strangeness in Nuclei
  • Exotic Hadrons
  • Antimatter in the Universe
  • New Techniques, Instrumentation and Facilities
Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Dr.-Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 2 A-1010 Wien
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For additional information about the conference please follow this link to the

 EXA/LEAP 2024 webpage at SMI.

Registration for this event is currently open.