Madgraph5 GPU development

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Madgraph5 GPU development
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Stefan Roiser
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# Madgraph on GPU dev meeting (Tue 14 May 2024)

Present: OM, CV, AV (minutes), ZW, Nathan (20' late)
Excused: SR (HSF workshop)

## Round table

AV, was on holiday, shows one slide.
- OM on the G^3 issue: nothing specific for G, could have been another parameter. Will loook at G^2 too in SUSY.
- Issues for Mac and CI: OM proposes to set up a CI runner on his ARM desktop.

CV: may have a student for the summer who can work on some nvidia profiling.

ZW: was on holiday, will give a talk on madgraph at PASC in Zurich.
No news for NLO for the moment.

OM: was on holiday too!

NN: worked on three things, streams, macros, memory, will submit a PR with pieces of it.
Did not add it to code generation yet, it's just to show what would be needed.

## AOB

Next meeting: Tue 28 May.

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