WLCG Management Board #315

513/R-068 (CERN)



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Simone Campana (CERN)

16:00 CERN/10:00 EDT/09:00 CDT

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WLCG Management Board
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Andrea Sciabà
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Maarten Litmaath, Simone Campana
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    • 4:00 PM 4:05 PM
      Minutes and Matters Arising 5m
    • 4:05 PM 4:10 PM
      Action List Review 5m
    • 4:10 PM 4:20 PM
      WLCG Service Report 10m
      Speakers: Panos Paparrigopoulos (CERN), Maarten Litmaath (CERN)
    • 4:20 PM 4:40 PM
      Review of comments to WLCG strategy document 20m

      Points for discussion in DESY

      Operations [OPS]

      • discussion about dedicated person power at sites? How does that fit the discussion about clouds and HPCs (facilities where no person-power dedicated to an experiment exists)?


      Infrastructure [INFRA]

      • Site Capabilities: do we put some effort in exposing them?
      • Approach towards special sites (hpc, commercial clouds). Define usage policies. Cloud and HPC blueprints (one or two)?
      • GPU provisioning and pledging. Focus on measuring the use or trying to set up a pledging model? How and when considering pledging? Experiment driven ..
      • Analysis Facilities. What is the role (and stake) of WLCG?


      Review the structure and governance of WLCG; set up bodies, boards, and task forces to address problems and issues. Our strategy is to focus and optimise our existing strengths.

      • Define the scope of the Technical Coordination Board, future of the GDB. Discuss the outputs expected from the TCB (roadmaps,  TDRs, ?) Which kind of people do you want there?  


      Resource planning [FIN]

      • Technology Watch (non-contentious).
      • Pledging mechanisms: multi-year resource planning
      • Pledging mechanism: HPCs?
      • Pledging mechanism: monitor pledges against authorship levels (some think is a good idea, some think it is not so good)
      • Pledging mechanism: fine grain pledges. Do we need them?
      • Commitments for SW/MW development: can we setup a lightweight mechanism?


      WLCG relations with outside bodies (hpc centers, eosc, egi, osg, ECFA/ICFA/Snowmass, HSF, …)

      • What is our goal engaging in the discussion about the HSF?
      • WLCG observers. Keep the current process (MB) or escalate to OB? Are the criteria to become an observer agreed?      


      Env sustainability

      • Not only computing and storage and facilities. Re-consider meetings and travel? E.g. do we want to discuss [IMPACT-4] e.g. the format of the WLCG workshop
    • 4:40 PM 4:45 PM
      AOB 5m
      • Next MB Meeting: Tuesday 16 April 2024 1m