Birdtracks 2024




drawing: birdtrack diagrams and "real" birdtracks at a beach

The birdtracks method allows for a concise and transparent way of calculating with tensors, with applications that reach across QCD, general relativity, differential geometry, lattice field theory, and representation theory. The aim of this meeting is to bring together experts from different fields, who will explain in which context they use birdtracks, why they use them, and what the special features, advantages, and disadvantages are in their particular context. In this way, the meeting will allow exchange, progress, and synergy across different fields of research.

Confirmed speakers include: Predrag Cvitanović (Georgia Institute of Technology), Anthony Kennedy (The University of Edinburgh), Rob Pisarski (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Andreas Trautner (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg), Heribert Weigert (University of Cape Town) and Torsten Zache (University of Innsbruck).

The meeting is jointly organized by Stefan Keppeler (Universität Tübingen), Simon Plätzer (Universität Graz and Universität Wien) and Malin Sjödahl (Lund University).


  • Aleksei Kubarski
  • Andreas Trautner
  • Andrecia Ramnath
  • Anthony Kennedy
  • Bruce Westbury
  • Craig Lawrie
  • Daniel Weiss
  • Daniel Weiss
  • Domenico Lippolis
  • Elizabeth Dobson
  • Faaris Alam
  • Florian Cougoulic
  • Francesco Fedele
  • Greg Jackson
  • Heribert Weigert
  • Jae Goode
  • Johan Bijnens
  • Judith Alcock-Zeilinger
  • Julius Julius
  • Jutho Haegeman
  • Kaiwen Sun
  • Kajal Singh
  • Kristjan Kannike
  • Malin Sjödahl
  • Markus Diehl
  • Mawande Lushozi
  • Mothibi Mathivha
  • Niall MacKay
  • Nicholas Cimaszewski
  • Nicole Oberth
  • Paul Kothgasser
  • Predra Cvitanović
  • rob pisarski
  • Sachin Grover
  • Sidney Williams
  • Simon Plätzer
  • Stefan Keppeler
  • Stéphane Peigné
  • Timea Vitos
  • Torsten Zache
  • Yoshimasa Hidaka
  • Yueheng Lan
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    • 1
      Welcome and introduction
    • 2
      A brief history of doodling

      A version of the talk can be found on Youtube, see

      Speaker: Predrag Cvitanović
    • 3
    • 2:00 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 4
      Physics use cases: (Colour) evolution, ...
      Speaker: Simon Plätzer
    • 5
    • 3:00 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 6
      Parametrizing Wilson Line Correlators
      Speaker: Heribert Weigert
    • 7
    • 4:00 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 8
      Using Schur-Weyl duality and Yamanouchi words to compute SU(n) Wigner coefficients more efficiently
      Speaker: Anthony Kennedy
    • 9
    • 10
      All you need is 6js ... and a little bit of chirality flow
      Speaker: Malin Sjödahl
    • 11
    • 1:50 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 12
      Spinography: everything you wanted to know (and more) about Clifford algebras and Pin
      Speaker: Anthony Kennedy
    • 13
    • 2:50 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 14
      How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Birdtrack Projection Operators
      Speaker: Andreas Trautner
    • 15
    • 16
      How bird tracks help to construct a matrix model for the deconfining phase transition
      Speaker: Robert Pisarski
    • 17
    • 1:50 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 18
      Constructing generalized Hamiltonian lattice gauge theories using a graphical calculus
      Speaker: Torsten Zache
    • 19
    • 2:50 PM
      Break and open discussion
    • 20
      Birdtacks to the Future

      Discussion session