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The start of the 21st century was marked with the advent of all-sky surveys at all wavelengths, from radio to X-ray and Gamma-ray. Together with recent breakthroughs in large-volume ice neutrino detectors, and the successful detection of astrophysical gravitational waves, these pivotal advancements are giving rise to multi-messenger astrophysics setting the stage for new theoretical challenges. The goal of the conference is to review and discuss recent achievements in high energy astrophysics and cosmology in the context of these developments. The meeting will focus on astrophysics of compact objects on all mass scales, formation and growth of supermassive black holes, non-stationary and transient phenomena in the vicinity of compact objects and selected themes of physical cosmology. The physics of jets in blazars and gamma-ray bursts will be also addressed, exploring the mechanisms and consequences of these extreme events.

The topics covered at the meeting will include 

  • Sky surveys from radio to X/gamma-ray bands

  • Physics of AGN, QSO, blazars - clues from sky surveys

  • TDEs and other extragalactic X-ray transients

  • Gamma-ray bursts

  • Spectral formation near compact objects - clues from X-ray spectroscopy and polarimetry

  • Gravitational wave astronomy

  • Neutrino astronomy

  • Cosmic rays and ultra-high energy gamma-rays

  • Sky surveys in cosmological context

  • Future prospects/missions


 The registration fee is €300 (€150 for students), which will cover the admission to scientific sessions, coffee breaks, and registration materials.

For participants from Belarus, Iran, and Russia if you are unable to pay the registration fee or book your hotel with a credit card or bank transfer prior to the meeting, please inform us by writing to Such participants will have the option to pay the registration fee in cash at the registration desk upon arrival. Payments should be made in Armenian drams, according to the official exchange rate on the day of payment. If you require a hotel reservation, please inform us accordingly. However, please be advised that hotel room payments must be made upon arrival.

The registration fee collected from participants is utilized to cover the costs of the conference. As we do not have external funding for this meeting, it is crucial that registration fees are paid in full, preferably via bank transfer. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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