LPTHE - Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies

Ile-de-France doctoral lectures on theoretical particle physics: Supersymmetry (1/9)

by Karim Benakli (CNRS), Mark Dayvon Goodsell (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)), Pietro Slavich (LPTHE Paris)

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Jussieu Campus Corridor 13-14, 4th Floor (enter via tower 13)

This course will give an introduction to Supersymmetry for all doctoral and Master 2 students interested in high-energy physics. It will cover all aspects from the motivations to phenomenology to connections with extra-dimensions and string theory. It will be taught by three researchers from the LPTHE in Paris with many years experience in the field.

Topics include:

  • Motivation for SUSY         
  • Derivation of SUSY algebra
  • Representations of SUSY
  • Construction of SUSY theories
  • Superfields
  • SUSY theories from superspace
  • Supergravity
  • Nonlinear representations
  • SUSY breaking 
  • SUSY in D>= 5
  • Non-perturbative effects, instantons
  • Non-renormalisation theorems
  • The MSSM, NMSSM, and beyond
  • The Higgs sector in SUSY models
  • Heavy-SUSY scenarios
  • SUSY at colliders and in space


Attention: six of the nine lectures will be at 2pm in the LPTHE library. On the 16th May, 13th June and 20th June the lecture will take place in room 209 on 2nd floor of corridor 56-66 at Jussieu campus. Exceptionally the course on 16th May will be at 9am to 12am.

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