DUROCERN - Romanian Science Gate

IFA building (Magurele)

IFA building





General objective of the project: The development of an informational-educational center, named Romania@CERN, at the Institute of Atomic Physics (IFA), Magurele, primarily intended for pupils, students, teachers, general public, and policy makers. Its aim is to promote the Romanian contributions at CERN, thus popularizing the CERN scientific program. Government representatives will also be invited. There are 3 large rooms dedicated to ALICE, ATLAS, DRD3, DsTau, DUNE, ISOLDE, LHCb, NA62, and n_TOF experiments and walls covered by photo-panels of the LHC tunnel and instances of their detectors. Movies will be projected, a special publication dedicated to CERN@70, guided tours, and interactive computational programs will be available.

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