12-14 October 2011
Physics Lecture Hall
Europe/Berlin timezone

Point Source Searches by IceCube: Recent Results and Progress

12 Oct 2011, 16:50
HG (Physics Lecture Hall)


Physics Lecture Hall

Hörsaalgebäude - Staudtstraße 5 - 91058 Erlangen - Germany
Physics, reconstruction and software Parallel Session 1


Chad Finley Chad Finley


A wide range of analyses are pursued by IceCube in the search for astrophysical sources of neutrinos. These include time-integrated searches for steady sources, time-dependent searches correlated with AGN and other flares, and searches dedicated to GRBs as well as generic all-sky burst searches. In addition, an online system is now in place that sends neutrino-triggered alerts to optical, x-ray, and gamma-ray telescopes for follow-up observations. In this talk I will present recent results of point source searches by IceCube, and describe progress toward maximizing the potential of the completed detector to discover astrophysical neutrino sources.

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