12-14 October 2011
Physics Lecture Hall
Europe/Berlin timezone

Data Acquisition, Triggering, and Filtering at the Auger Engineering Radio Array

12 Oct 2011, 17:10
HH (Physics Lecture Hall)


Physics Lecture Hall

Hörsaalgebäude - Staudtstraße 5 - 91058 Erlangen - Germany
Computing and data Parallel Session 7


Dr John Kelley (Radboud University Nijmegen)


The Auger Engineering Radio Array (AERA) is currently detecting cosmic rays of energies at and above 10^17 eV at the Pierre Auger Observatory, by triggering on the radio emission produced in the associated air showers. Unlike other air shower detection methods, the radio-detection technique must cope with a significant background of man-made radio-frequency interference, but can provide information on shower development with a high duty cycle. We discuss our techniques to handle the challenges of self-triggered radio detection in a low-power autonomous array, including triggering and filtering algorithms, data acquisition design, and communication systems.

Primary author

Dr John Kelley (Radboud University Nijmegen)

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