12-14 October 2011
Physics Lecture Hall
Europe/Berlin timezone

Northern Hemisphere Neutrino Telescopes

12 Oct 2011, 11:20
HG (Physics Lecture Hall)


Physics Lecture Hall

Hörsaalgebäude - Staudtstraße 5 - 91058 Erlangen - Germany
Plenary Session Plenary Session


Juan Hernandez-Rey (Universidad de Valencia (ES))


The main features and performances of the Antares and Baikal neutrino telescopes are reviewed. The results obtained by these detectors in several studies, such as the search for neutrino point sources and diffuse fluxes, the search for neutrinos in coincidence with optical, high-energy gamma and gravitational wave signals, as well as the indirect search for dark matter and a short summary of other analyses will be presented.

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