Third Workshop on Beyond 3 Generation Standard Model --- Under the light of the initial LHC results

Bogazici University, Istanbul

Bogazici University, Istanbul

Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey
With the LHC performing better than the expected and the two general purpose detectors having collected already more than 2 fb-1 data, it is just time for the third in the series of B3SM workshops. The workshop will focus on the recent results as well as the future of B3SM in the light of the current status. The aim of this series of workshops is to bring together theorists and experimentalists with active interests in the 4th generation, or any kind of new fermions beyond the existing ones, with particular emphasis on the current phase of the LHC programme and future prospects. The workshop will start in the morning of Sunday, October 23rd, and run till noon, October 25th. There will be no registration fee.