4-9 June 2012
Life Sciences Centre, UBC
Canada/Pacific timezone
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ATLAS measurements of photons, jets and subjets

7 Jun 2012, 18:40
LSC-2 (Life Sciences Centre, UBC)


Life Sciences Centre, UBC

University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Canada


Stephen Gibson (CERN)


Comprehensive measurements of inclusive and dijet cross sections are presented, spanning the dijet mass range from 70 GeV to 4 TeV. Inclusive photons and diphotons have also been measured over a wide range of mass and pT. These measurements constitute precision tests of QCD in a new energy regime, and show sensitivity to the parton densities in the proton. In addition, charged particles, subjets and jet shapes have been measured, to investigate jet fragmentation and to study new variables developed to reduce sensitivity to soft QCD and pileup, and to improve the identification of boosted heavy particles decaying to hadrons.

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ATLAS Collaboration

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