4-9 June 2012
Life Sciences Centre, UBC
Canada/Pacific timezone
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Searches for SUSY in final states with leptons at CMS

8 Jun 2012, 15:50
LSC-3 (Life Sciences Centre, UBC)


Life Sciences Centre, UBC

University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Canada
Parallel Talk Supersymmetry 5E: (Parallel) SUSY


Benjamin Stieger (ETH Zurich)


We present results of searches for SUSY production at CMS in events with lepton signatures. These include final states with single isolated leptons, Z bosons decaying to lepton pairs, non-resonant same- and opposite-sign lepton pairs, and three or more isolated leptons. The results are used to exclude previously unexplored regions of the supersymmetric parameter space assuming R-parity conservation with the lightest supersymmetric particle being either a neutralino or gravitino.

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CMS Collaboration

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Primary author

Benjamin Stieger (ETH Zurich)

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