EMI Package names and format for Debian

28/R-015 (CERN)



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Minutes from the meeting EMI Package names and format for Debian
Here are the conclusions taken after the meeting:
  • A source tarball containing a checkout from the version control repository will be provided to the users. If developers provided their own version of the tarball, this one will be used. This file will be named: PACKAGE-VERSION.tar.gz
  • A Debian source package will be provided to the users. It will contain a copy of PACKAGE-VERSION.tar.gz named PACKAGE-VERSION.orig.tar.gz and two other files: PACKAGE_VERSION-REVISION.debian.tar.gz and PACKAGE_VERSION-REVISION.dsc. This two files will be created by ETICS if they are not provided by the developers.
  • The way to provide the source packages for Debian will be similar as for RPM, leaving the files under a directory.
  • The new debian format (Quilt) will be used.
  • Binary tarballs are required for all platforms and will be named PACKAGE_VERSION-RELEASE_PLATFORM.tar.gz ETICS will provide this from the RPM or DEB packages created.
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