Sep 7 – 12, 2014
University of Surrey
GB timezone
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RadICAL - Directional Detector for Source Localisation

Sep 11, 2014, 2:00 PM
1h 40m
University of Surrey

University of Surrey

Guildford, UK
Poster Presentation Applications in Security and Environmental Imaging Session 13: Posters 2 (Astrophysics, Synchroton and other Applications)


Mr George Randall (UCL)


A novel method for providing directionality for radiation detection is presented. The concept is based upon the fact that detector response depends upon two properties of the active component in the detector: the radiation pathlength and the area presented to a particle flux. Thus a rotating slab of detector gives a characteristic temporal response that can be used to identify the direction of the photon flux. We present ray tracing and Monte-Carlo modelling data that was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the system and design and build a prototype detector. This detector was then exposed to a variety of different sources to further evaluate the concept.

Primary authors

Mr George Randall (UCL) Robert Speller (UCL)

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