DITANET Symposium: Quantum Systems and Research(ers) at Accelerators

Walton Rooms (Cockcroft Institute)

Walton Rooms

Cockcroft Institute

Keckwick Lane Daresbury Warrington WA4 4AD United Kingdom
Carsten Welsch (Cockcroft Institute and University of Liverpool)
There are more than 15,000 particle accelerators in the world, ranging from the linear accelerators used for cancer therapy in modern hospitals to the giant 'atom-smashers' at international particle physics laboratories used to unlock the secrets of creation.
For many decades these scientific instruments have formed one of the main pillars of modern research across scientific disciplines and countries. They continue to enable fascinating studies into the antimatter world and require highly advanced beam instrumentation techniques to show their full performance. They are also an ideal training ground for researchers.
This Symposium presents some of the highlights in antimatter research and beam instrumentation R&D. It will also provide an overview of the present challenges and opportunities in researcher training at all career stages. In addition to the keynote talks, each participant will be given the opportunity to present their research work in form of a poster contribution.
This event is free of charge – advance registration is required. 
Disclaimer: The organizers reserve the right to decline a registration without justification.
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