Visual Media Office weekly meeting



  • Christina Fromm
  • Jacques Herve Fichet
  • Maximilien Brice
  • Paola Catapano
Minutes VMO du 17 décembre 2012

Production video en cours: 

- video Gender Summit follow-up ? Iulia to contact Sudeshna
Iulia has contacted Sudeshna , the video was showed without sound at the event and it is up to us to decide whether we want to post it on cds for futur uses and with which music. (Free music to be found with Clara) 

- video presentation film boson de Higgs Olympia Milano Basket,  Paola et Valerio Gracie pour le 18-19 January (animations de Atlas) 
- interview of Fabiola et Elisabetta Barberio pour evenement Pise Femmes et science - ASAP
To be done

- Paola doit terminer montage interviews physiciens sur Pontecorvo
Steinberger and Di Lella published, Amaldi to be pubished soon, Ludovico Pontecorvo,
Rubbia and Fidecaro to be recorded in January

- video timeline 1949-2012
To be started in January with Noemie

- video timeline voeux du DG
Underway to be finished in January

- video mini stockshoot 2012 nouvelles animations à rajouter
Done to be communicated to press office

- sous-titres en français video pour bulletin DG Llewellyn -Smith

- videos CERN in 4 minutes on youtube
Done and should be published on the new website after the correction of James. (Dan and Cian) 

Bases données 
Thomas and Jacques have met a new company IMC to develop the next database on line. We are working on an old verswion of FCS which is not supported by Apple.

- FCP X sera le nouveau format

- trailer of Famelab for Antonella to be done in January

Photos en cours (Max):

- liste de photos TT pour documenter technologies tranfer

- visite VIP with Peter Higgs on Wednesday

- recherche du photos d'archives de Pr Morpurgo

- photos des pompiers pour bulletin exercise incendie 

- Google sont en train de voir pour lancer le street view (en attente San Francisco)
No news


Equipment for the beginning 2013:

3 iMacs 
3 Macbook Pro 
1 PC
2 iPads
1 mobile telephone for Noemie Caraban
2 display screens 27" 
1 green screen 8x8m


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