1-5 October 2007
Europe Congress Center
Europe/Zurich timezone

VO manager - ROC manager topics

4 Oct 2007, 16:00
1h 30m
Koppenhaga (Europe Congress Center)


Europe Congress Center

Budapest Hungary


Cal Loomis (Laboratoire de l''Accelerateur Lineaire (LAL) (IN2P3) (LAL)) Mr Frederic Schaer (CEA) Helene Cordier (CNRS/IN2P3) Mr Rolf Rumler (IN2P3/CNRS) Torsten Antoni (GGUS-FZK)


- VO registration procedure explained (25') (Frédéric Schaer and Rolf Rumler) * Description of the process, states of a VO, security aspects, relation to other fields * Specific problems and actions: - Main problems encountered during registration - Site problems during VO deployment: results of a study (Frédéric) - Sites abandonning support for a specific VO, how-to, consequences (Frédéric) - VO deregistration - User Support (short; see next presentation) - VO specific and grid specific user support (25') (Torsten Antoni) The aim of this session is to bring together VO and Grid experts to discuss user support issues. With the LHC ramping up to full production the number of user on the grid with little experience in grid computing will increase drastically. This will of course also increase the workload on the support staff from the VOs and from operations. Therefore it is vital to have a well defined, reliable and well working user support infrastructure, including operations and all VOs. The roles of all participants to this infrastructure and their responsibilities have to be clear and an overall process description should be worked out. The roles and responsibilities for the VOs in this process of course vary with the size and structure of the individual VOs and does the possible technical implementation. In this session we aim to revive the discussion of this topic which is vital for building a sustainable production quality infrastructure. We invite all VO managers and user support expert to join us, so that their requirements and needs will be properly taken into account. - Resource allocation (25') (Rolf Rumler) * Current procedure (workflow, assessment/utilisation) * Ideas for EGEE-III * Discussion

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