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Very low energy electron tracking and positioning based on THGEM

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Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage

Poster Sensors: 1c) Gaseous Detectors


Dr Yuguang Xie (IHEP, Beijing, China)


A new type of THGEM was developed for applications requiring relative high spacial resolution <200 um, which can be achieved by THGEM with 150um hole diameter, 400um pitch, and 150um thickness, and even smaller hole array structure. A THGEM-TPC is designed to monitor 3 - 50 MeV pulsed electron beam online. And a THGEM-based 2D detector is designed to measure the incident positions of 0.1 – 3 MeV electrons. The detectors will operate in <10^-3Pa vacuum, which requests special considerations and designs for the detectors. This talk will cover the performance study of the THGEM, the schemes, simulation, prototype test and progress of the detectors.

Primary author

Dr Yuguang Xie (IHEP, Beijing, China)

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