Faggruppemøte for subatomær fysikk og astrofysikk

Universitetet i Bergen

Universitetet i Bergen

Allégaten 55 5007 Bergen
Orjan Dale (University of Bergen (NO)), Per-Ivar Lonne (University of Bergen (NO))

We would like to announce the next:
Student Conference in the Section of Subatomic- and Astrophysics (Norwegian Physics Society), 
which takes place in:
Bergen, the 26th-28th of September 2012

The main purpose of this group meeting is to bring together students within the fields of subatomic-, medical- and astrophysics, and act as a student-friendly environment where the students can present their current work and get an update on what other students within the community in Norway are working on.

The conference is arranged by students, for students, and there will be no invited speakers. This means that in order to make the meeting as interesting as possible, all participants (master-students, PhD-students and post.docs.) are highly encouraged to hold a presentation of 20-25 minutes about their work. Being set in a student-friendly environment, holding such presentations has proven to be a good exercise for the students as well.

During the conference there will be a common lunch every day, in addition to a conference dinner on Thursday the 27th of September. This provides an excellent opportunity for socialization and networking with other students and scientific personnel within the field, which is naturally an important part of the conference as well. There is no conference fee.

We encourage you to register for the conference as soon as possible, and submit a short abstract/summary of your presentation before the 31st of August. Please remember to inform us about any food allergies or other special requirements at the registration.

We wish you all welcome to Bergen!

  • Agnethe Seim Olsen
  • Anders Kvellestad
  • Andreas Görgen
  • Are Raklev
  • Camilla Stokkevåg
  • Dag-Morten Sjøstrøm
  • Dag-Vidar Bauer
  • Dinesh Ram
  • Francesca Giacoppo
  • Haakon Andresen
  • Hege Austrheim Erdal
  • Henrik Brusheim Johansson
  • Henrik Brusheim Johansson
  • Hilde-Therese Nyhus
  • Inger Eli Ruud
  • Jonas Rylund Glesaaen
  • Justas Zalieckas
  • Kine Johnsen
  • Kyrre Skjerdal
  • Lars Andreas Dal
  • Lars Einar Stieng
  • Magne Guttormsen
  • Maren Ugland
  • Nicolas Sogge
  • Paul Anthony Fronteri
  • Per-Ivar Lønne
  • Steffen Mæland
  • Sunniva Siem
  • Tamas Tornyi
  • Therese Renstrøm
  • Tomas Kvalheim Eriksen
  • Trine Hagen
  • Trygve Buanes
  • Ørjan Dale