4-8 March 2013
Europe/Rome timezone

Interacting Ricci Dark Energy with power-law and logarithmic corrections

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Student Dark Matter and Dark Energy


Mr Antonio Pasqua (University of Trieste)


Motivated by the holographic principle, it has been suggested that the dark energy density may be inversely proportional to the area A of the event horizon of the universe. However, such a model would have a causality problem. In this work, we consider the entropy-corrected version of the holographic dark energy model in the non-flat FRW universe and we propose to replace the future event horizon area with the inverse of the Ricci scalar curvature. We consider both the power law and the logarithmic corrections. We obtain the equation of state (EoS) parameter, the deceleration parameter q and the evolution of the energy density parameter in the presence of interaction between Dark Energy (DE) and Dark Matter (DM). Moreover, we reconstruct the potential and the dynamics of the tachyon, K-essence, dilaton and quintessence scalar field models according to the evolutionary behavior of the interacting entropy-corrected holographic dark energy model.

Primary author

Mr Antonio Pasqua (University of Trieste)

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