Implementing ApP Projects: Challenges and Solutions

Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory

Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory

The “Magnificent Seven” Projects presented in the Roadmap are in the process of being implemented, although at different stages. Their success requires not only a major scientific and technical effort, but also a careful management and an effective communication strategy. Projects typically act in full autonomy one from another, but they can exchange experiences and future plans to their mutual advantage. They can also learn from other past and ongoing projects. Indeed, they share a common goal: to have research in ApP make a step forward. The Workshop at Gran Sasso is the occasion for all those bearing responsibilities in the implementation of the Roadmap projects to engage in a open-ended discussion that hopefully could increase everyone’s awareness, improve everyone’s toolkit and perhaps even help develop synergies. The presentation of seven sample projects shall trigger the discussion, which will concentrate on three core topics: governance, including site-related issues and relations with hosting lab; communication strategy; fund raising and fund managing.
All those involved in the implementation of Roadmap projects, including their respective spokespersons or Principal Investigators or others entrusted with managerial tasks, as well as representatives of agencies/Institutions, are invited.
  • Arnaud Marsollier
  • Corrado Perna
  • daniele martello
  • Elena Aprile
  • Els de Wolf
  • Emanuela Pistoia
  • Emma Olsson
  • Federico Petrolo
  • Francesca Scianitti
  • Gianpaolo Bellini
  • Guido Drexlin
  • Helene Demonfaucon
  • Ino Agrafioti
  • Johannes Knapp
  • Karl-Heinz Kampert
  • Luciano Pandola
  • Michele Punturo
  • Nicolas Augé
  • Roberto Pellegrini
  • Sandra Hesping
  • Thomas Berghöfer
  • Uli Katz
  • Veronica Buccheri
  • Vilmos Nemeth
  • Viviana Fafone