19-21 June 2013
University of Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Pundit. Augment Digital Libraries contents with semantically structured annotations

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University of Geneva

University of Geneva



Dr Alessio Piccioli (Net7)Dr Christian Morbidoni (Università politecnica delle Marche)Dr Francesca Di Donato (Scuola Normale Superiore / Net7)Dr Simone Fonda (Net7)


Pundit (thepund.it) is a client-server web application that allows users to annotate web contents, collecting records in notebooks and sharing them with others. The main idea behind Pundit is to allow users to comment on or mark fragments of web pages and to create semantically structured data during the annotation process, thus enriching the Web of data. Annotations span from simple comments to links to the Web of data or controlled vocabularies created ad hoc, to fine granular cross-references and citations. Pundit stores the annotations on a server using RDF technologies that provides APIs that allow to use and create annotations even by machines, thus making it possible inference of new knowledge and allowing to make very complex queries. The ability to express semantically typed relations between resources not only allows users to express univocally the semantic of their annotations, but also facilitates the reuse of knowledge within other web applications. In the poster will be explained the annotation workflow, showing some real-world Pundit use cases in the field of the Digital Libraries. Thereafter, wiIl be presented some experiences of reuse of the data annotated through Pundit by other apps which offer rich visualizations of data.

Primary authors

Dr Alessio Piccioli (Net7) Dr Christian Morbidoni (Università politecnica delle Marche) Dr Francesca Di Donato (Scuola Normale Superiore / Net7) Dr Simone Fonda (Net7)

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