Oct 14 – 18, 2013
Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage
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Grid Accounting Service: State and Future Development

Oct 14, 2013, 3:00 PM
Grote zaal (Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage)

Grote zaal

Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage

Poster presentation Distributed Processing and Data Handling A: Infrastructure, Sites, and Virtualization Poster presentations


Derek John Weitzel (University of Nebraska (US))


During the last decade, large-scale federated distributed infrastructures have continually developed and expanded. One of the crucial components of a cyber-infrastructure is an accounting service that collects data related to resource utilization and identity of users using resources. The accounting service is important for verifying pledged resource allocation per particular groups and users, providing reports for funding agencies and resource providers, and understanding hardware provisioning requirements. It can also be used for end-to-end troubleshooting as well as billing purposes. In this work we describe Gratia, a federated accounting service jointly developed at Fermilab and University of Nebraska Holland Computing Center (HCC). It has been used in production by the Open Science Grid, Fermilab, HCC, and several other institutions for several years. The current development activities include Virtual Machines provisioning information, XSEDE allocation usage accounting, and Campus Grids resource utilization. We also identify the directions of future work: improvement and expansion of Cloud accounting, persistent and elastic storage space allocation, and the incorporation of WAN and LAN network metric.

Primary author

Mrs Tanya Levshina (FERMILAB)


Dr Ashu Guru (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) Brian Paul Bockelman (University of Nebraska (US)) Chander Sehgal (FERMILAB) Derek John Weitzel (University of Nebraska (US))

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