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PTB meeting, 10-12:00, 18 December 2012 Calling details: skype Proposed agenda: ---------------- 0) Release updates by Cristina i) Milestones, deliverables ii) TCB news iii) EMI-3 platforms iv) aob
PTB meeting, 10:08-11:04, 18 December 2012
Calling details:  skype

Present: Jon, Marco, John, Cristina, Patrick
Not showed up: Laurence

Cristina had some problems with her skype.

1) Releases status

Following Cristina's presentation of EMI-3 release progress, based on the up-to-date document

PTB discussed the not-so-positive situation wrt EMI-3 release.

Patrick reports about community feedback that may prefer EMI-2 strengthened instead of releasing EMI-3

Cristina mentions that EMI-2 has become a preferred release for WLCG, Balazs comments that even that release is hardly deployed.

According to Cristina, the main problem is that the PTs are hiding behind either "we are working on EMI-2" or "we are busy with EMI-3" while no real progress is seen. Problematic PTs are not communicating their plans based on realistic status.

- ETICS: no configuration for 3 products. Hydra is still stuck EMI-2,
Delegation_Java is affected by CANL migration.

- binary builds: big problems, build failures for many products

- deployment testing: delays, delays, delays

PTB suggests that the Release Coordinator updates the EMI-3 schedule taking into account the accumulated delays.

At the same time, PTB proposes to introduce a hold on the EMI-2 update cycles until EMI-3 reaches a decent state: full binary builds with successful local deployments.

i) Milestones, deliverables

- MJRA1.4 - Successful computational usage of emerging computing models

Basically done, version 1.1 (hopefully the final one) was just circulated.

- MJRA1.11 - Easier end-user access capability to EMI components in place

Work is going on, it may be finished in December.

- MJRA1.19.3 - Integrated EMI Major Release Candidates

Delayed just as the EMI-3rc1, realistic delivery date is by mid January.

- MJRA1.17 "Test suits": delayed to February

- MJRA1.18 "Standard compliance status report" delayed to January

- Security architecture assessment milestone: delayed till January

Progress can be followed at the dedicated page:

- area deliverables: Reminder to Marco that the Compute area progress report draft should be written in February because of large amount of cancelled objectives and tasks.

ii) TCB news

- the meeting notes and agenda can be found here:

- three pending items remained for EMI: SHA2 survey, Patrick's communication with Ibergrid and names to be added to the PRACE/EUDAT/EGI email list.

SHA2: Cristina will try to squeeze info out from PTs

Patrick will contact again the Ibergrid and will also directly update the ticket

Mailing list names: Patrick, Paul and Oliver

- Balazs mentions the EGI's workshop in January where individual tech providers got invitation:

iii) EMI-3 platforms

There was a request to have a clear definition on what are the EMI 3 "platforms".  PTB agreed the following:

-Sl5/64, SL6/64: are mandatory for all products

-Deb6 is only for a selected subset, mostly  clients & libraries part of the UI & WN.

iv) aob

- Week 3 and 4 in January should be reserved for the intensive work (several phone calls a week) to progress on the "roadmap/architecture" document.
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