G2 gauge theories as a tool to understand the QCD phase diagram

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: B-08
Poster QCD Phase Diagram Poster session


Axel Maas (University of Jena)


G2 gauge theories are variants of QCD and Yang-Mills theory where the gauge group SU(3) has been replaced by the exceptional group G2. These theories permit to study aspects of QCD which are hard to access otherwise. Especially, these theories are accessible to lattice simulations at finite density, and it is thus possible to determine the phase diagram completely. Because G2 QCD has also fermionic baryons, it is possible to search for hadronic Fermi surface effects, which are conjectured to be important for neutron stars. Also, G2 gauge theories have a trivial center, and it is therefore possible to asses the importance of the center structure to QCD. In this talk, the basic outline of these theories will be given, and it will be shown how similar they are to ordinary QCD. Then briefly some pertinent aspects of the phase diagram of these theories will be introduced. A more detailed look at the phase diagram, particular at intermediate densities, will be presented in a second talk.

Primary author

Axel Maas (University of Jena)


Prof. Andreas Wipf (University of Jena) Dr Bjoern Wellegehausen (University of Giessen) Prof. Lorenz von Smekal (Universities of Giessen an Darmstadt)

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