Phase Structure of Strongly Interacting Matter: Thermodynamics and Chiral Anomaly

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: B-11
Poster QCD Phase Diagram Poster session


Mario Mitter (Univ. Heidelberg)


The thermodynamics of the finite temperature QCD crossover is investigated with a low-energy effective description. The resulting pressure and trace anomaly are in very good agreement with corresponding results from lattice Monte-Carlo simulations. Effects of the chiral anomaly on the phase structure are explored and results for the temperature dependence of the anomalously large mass of the $\eta'$-meson are presented.

Primary author

Mario Mitter (Univ. Heidelberg)


Ana Juričić (Univ. Giessen) Bernd-Jochen Schaefer (Univ. Giessen) Jan Martin Pawlowski (Univ. Heidelberg) Lorenz von Smekal (TU Darmstadt) Nils Strodthoff (Univ. Heidelberg) Rainer Stiele (Heidelberg University) Tina K. Herbst (Univ. Heidelberg)

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