Renormalization of the jet-quenching parameter

May 21, 2014, 1:10 PM
titanium (darmstadtium)



Schlossgraben 1 64283 Darmstadt Germany
Contributed Talk New Theoretical Developments Jets


yacine mehtar-tani (IPhT CEA/Saclay)


In the context of the recently derived probabilistic picture of in-medium jet evolution, arXiv:1311.5823 [hep-ph], we study radiative corrections which yield potentially large double logarithms, $\alpha_s ln^2 L$, for large enough medium length $L$ (arXiv:1304.7677 [hep-ph]).  We show in particular that, due to a large separation of time scales, these corrections can be reabsorbed in a renormalization of the jet-quenching parameter, $\hat q$, in both the collision rate and radiative rate, preserving the probabilistic picture.  As a major consequence of this analysis, the new renormalized quenching parameter is enhanced compared to the standard perturbative estimate. This yields in particular an increase of radiative energy loss of a fast parton traversing a QCD medium, which scales as $L^{2+\gamma}$ where the anomalous dimension $\gamma=2\sqrt{N_c \alpha_s/\pi}$, as compared to the standard estimate that yields a scaling in $L^2$.
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yacine mehtar-tani (IPhT CEA/Saclay)


Prof. Jean-Paul Blaizot (IPhT CEA/Saclay)

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