Hough transform for charged particle tracking in CMS

20 May 2014, 16:30
spectrum (darmstadtium)



Board: M-12
Poster Future Experimental Facilities, Upgrades, and Instrumentation Poster session


Stanislav Lisniak (Ecole Polytechnique (FR))


The Hough transform is a pattern recognition technique well suited for identifying charged particle trajectories, which is used in several high-energy and heavy-ion physics experiments. The CMS experiment currently uses a combinatorial track-following method for both proton and heavy-ion collisions. In this poster we explore the possibility of using the Hough transform method in heavy ions. Such a method may improve the timing of the track reconstruction, particular for tracks with large impact parameter with respect to the primary vertex.
On behalf of collaboration: CMS

Primary author

Stanislav Lisniak (Ecole Polytechnique (FR))

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