20-22 February 2013
San Biagio Resort (www.sanbiagioresort.com)
Europe/Zurich timezone
The NEDENSAA NuPNET project is an effort to pool available resources and on going R&D by various groups throughout Europe with the aim of providing significant improvements in neutron detection. The project is divided in different work packages that cover the various technologies and methods relevant for the improvement of the detection of neutrons. These range from the chemistry for development of new scintillator materials, testing of the new materials as well as the comparison with existing ones, the study of innovative concepts for neutron detection, scintillator readout with SiPM, digital electronics as well as the study of the optimal geometry of the neutron detectors with other detector arrays (such as Ge arrays). In addition, efforts will be made explicitly towards networking and training so that the expertise and technological advances made within the project will be available to all and will reach beyond the lifetime of the project. This is the second meeting of the full NEDENSAA collaboration after the kick-off meeting at Madrid the 15th-17th of february 2012 (http://win.ciemat.es/inweb/NEDENSAA_meeting). In this second meeting the progress of the full project (different working packages) will be review.

Participating institutions (in a.o.): ATOMKI (Hungary), CEA (France), CIEMAT (Spain), CNRS/IN2P3 (France), IFIC (Spain), INFN (Italy), Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (Bulgaria), The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Technical University Dresden (Germany), University of Jyvaskyla (Finland), University of Uppsala (Sweden).
San Biagio Resort (www.sanbiagioresort.com)
Via Guido Gozzano N. 2, Acireale (CT).
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