The Tsallis function and its applications

40/S2-B01 - Salle Bohr (CERN)

40/S2-B01 - Salle Bohr


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Jean Cleymans (Department of Physics)
The Tsallis distribution was introduced in 1988 by Constantin Tsallis and has been used in many fields of physics. It has been widely used in high energy physics by the large experimental collaborations (PHENIX, STAR, ALICE, ATLAS, CMS, ...) mainly to describe transverse momentum distributions. Despite this, it has not received much attention from the theoretical high energy physics community. In this talk we will present a short review of the Tsallis distribution focusing on the use in high energy physics. A proposal will be considered to bring consistency to the values of the Tsallis parameter q and the corresponding temperature T.
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Y. Foka, U. Wiedemann