ESC - 205 Theme: USAG kick-off meeting.

28-R014 (CERN Phone system and NB Unusual ROOM)


CERN Phone system and NB Unusual ROOM

Maria Dimou
Executive Support Committee
There is an agenda page at the following Indico page:

Dial-in numbers:    +41227676000 (Main)
Access codes:   0135638 (Leader)
0145611 (Participant)
Leader site:
Participant site:

Item - Topic - Person
205.01 - This agenda - Maria
205.02 - AOB - Any
01 - GGUS tickets from VOs for Sites Read all comments on routing to Sites
 and  Read these special LHC Experiment VO submission requirements 
02 - Site survey Plan
03 - ESC-to-USAG (check attached text)
04 - Planning for EGEE-III EGEE-II deliverables. DSA1.1 on FZK for PM2! and Milestone MSA1.6 on PIC for PM4!?
205.03 - Actions from ESC(201) - Maria

Executive summary prepared for Maite Barroso to report to the PEB of March 6th 2008:

The first User Support Advisory Group (USAG) meeting took place this morning. It is a monthly meeting. 
The next one is provisionally planned for April 10th with 
 this draft agenda.

This group is, in EGEE III, the successor of the EGEE II Executive
Support Committe (ESC).

Participants from VOs (Atlas, LHCb), NA4 Management (C.Loomis),
ROCs (UKI, Italy, CE, SWE), GGUS developers and the CERN
Team (M.Dimou and A.Mills) discussed the following:

 . the requirement of selectively route directly to important sites
from expert GGUS ticket submitters.
 . the content and plan of a Site survey that aims to bring to light
communication problems between ROCs and sites.
 . the mandate of the USAG Group.
 . the EGEE III deliverables affecting the group.

All relevant material from today's discussion is linked from the agenda:

Many thanks to Alessandro (Atlas), Joel (LHCb) and Cal (NA4) for joining. We can't conclude to anything useful without this kind of advice.

Alistair already prepared the notes, they will be linked from the agenda real soon now.

I would like to thank Alistair again and again for all follow-up, support, organisation and planning of this activity.

Thanks and wishes for good luck with everything are also due for Stephen
McAllister. It will be hard to work without your participation.

Thanks for everything and regards

v 205.4 - 10 March 2008 - Maria Dimou

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