Cosenza Group Items 

 PbWO4 single crystal data analysis:
1) -Event by event asimmetry: example

2) -Asymmetry from signals best values:
     standard procedure - we need to improve fit quality

3) - Temperature influence on Signal :
      Comparison between asimmetry data from different sets of runs at same temperature.
       in  example1   data have been collected at 35 degrees : the second set after a heating- cooling cycle.

      Signal  counts  Vs temperature :
temp1 (angle=+30)        temp2 (angle =+30 0 -30)
       we need to improve the signal extimation - the shape is in agreement with theory.
       The analysis is going on ( few samples studied up to now)

 GBO: crystal data analysis:
 -Evaluation of  the Cerenkov component of the signal  (R) collected on  C side from:
                                       R=cerenkov + k scintillation  
   we need to improve fit quality  -  up to now only 1 set of runs has been studied - in this set PMT signal on  C side is not linear as counts increase : example

 G4 Simulations:
 1) BGO single crystal : no filter included - crystal in air
    Any difference in   PMT1  signal ( Saleve side = wider area  in  bgo) and  PMT2 (Jura side) is due to geometrical factors.

PMT1 Cerenkov Signal   PMT2 Cerenkov Signal

Longitudinal Energy Deposit - electrons 50 GeV

Transverse Energy Deposit - electrons 50 GeV

2)  PbWO4 single : crystal in air

PMT1 Cerenkov Signal  PMT2 Cerenkov Signal

energia depositata

3)  PbWO4 crystals matrix :
   Evaluation  of deposited energy from electrons beams:
0 degree - 10GeV        0 degree - 50GeV

90 degree - 10GeV        90 degree - 50GeV