Workshop on the future of Big Data management

Lecture Theatre 3 (LT3) in the Blackett Laboratory (Imperial College London)

Lecture Theatre 3 (LT3) in the Blackett Laboratory

Imperial College London

David Colling (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB)), Jens Jensen (CLRC-RAL), Wahid Bhimji (University of Edinburgh (GB))
"Big Data" is now being managed by various academic and industry groups. This workshop is organised by the LHC community and will bring together a range of different participants from different disciplines working with Big Data. The aim is to explore the current and future challenges in data processing, storage, transfer and preservation. The workshop focuses on the infrastructure, technologies, and tools, with a view of bringing together communities. This meeting will seek to achieve the following outputs: - To build a cross-disciplinary community in Big Data who can exchange knowledge and best practice and work together as this field evolves in the future. - The meeting discussion will be processed afterwards to form a working document that represent the current state of knowledge and future plans for big data communities. The video of the event is now available: Thu: Fri:
  • Adam Huffman
  • Adrian Jenkins
  • Andrew Hanushevsky
  • Andrew Lyall
  • Andrew Prescott
  • Andrew Richards
  • Andrew Washbrook
  • Arnaud Wolfer
  • Baudouin Raoult
  • Ben Still
  • Brian Davies
  • Chris Kenny
  • Christopher Walker
  • Daniel Hanlon
  • Daniela Bauer
  • Dave Coughlin
  • David Colling
  • David Michel
  • Dirk Duellmann
  • Dugan Witherick
  • Duncan Rand
  • Ed Browne
  • Emyr James
  • Ewan Mac Mahon
  • fabien richard
  • Fiona Armstrong
  • Florian Geier
  • Fons Rademakers
  • Giulio Fella
  • Goncalo Correia
  • Guy Coates
  • Jake Pearce
  • James Abbott
  • James Coomer
  • Jamie Shiers
  • Jens Jensen
  • Jeremy Maris
  • John Gordon
  • John Swinburne
  • Jon Lockley
  • Jonathan Tilbury
  • Juan Bicarregui
  • Kati Lassila-Perini
  • Kenji Takeda
  • Klimentov Alexei
  • Lev Shamardin
  • Mahesh Pancholi
  • Marc O'Brien
  • Marcel van Drunen
  • Mark Rothwell
  • mark van de Sanden
  • Matt Johnson
  • Matthew Viljoen
  • Michael Mueller
  • Michail Salichos
  • Nick Trigg
  • Oliver Duke-Williams
  • Oliver Keeble
  • Owen Embury
  • Patrick McGarry
  • Paul Lewis
  • Peter Clapham
  • Peter Clarke
  • Peter Gronbech
  • Philip Kershaw
  • Raymond Beuselinck
  • Rich Bemrose
  • Richard Bantges
  • Richard Mount
  • Robert Lowe
  • Roger Jones
  • Sarah Butcher
  • Shaun De Witt
  • Shun Liang
  • Simon Fayer
  • Simon Metson
  • Sonia Sousa
  • Stephen Pascoe
  • Steve Lloyd
  • Steve Loughran
  • Tristan Clark
  • Victor Cornell
  • Wahid Bhimji
  • Yotsawat Pomyen