savannah-to-jira migration of the GGUS development tracker for the WLCG tracktools TF

28/1-025 (CERN)



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Conference Name: savannah project ESC migration to jira meeting GGUS Shopping List Start Date: 4/16/2013 9:45 AM, Europe/Zurich Duration: 2:00 Dial-in numbers and access codes Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English-US, Main) Access codes: 0115973 (Leader) 0134306 (Participant) Leader site: click! Participant site: click!

We wish to migrate this tracker to jira a.s.a.p. to fulfill WLCG Ops Coord Action item: Tracking tools TF members who own savannah projects to list them and submit them to the savannah and jira developers if they wish to migrate them to jira. AndreaV and MariaD to report on their experience from the migration of their own savannah trackers.

We SHOULD migrate to jira because we wish all link types from the list below to continue working: 
a. that links to legacy savannah tickets don't break. 
b. that internal links in these legacy savannah tickets do NOT break e.g. 
    b.1. to comment #999 
    b.2. to another ticket support #999999 
    b.3 to file #9999 
    b.4. to external link http://bla.domain/page


Present: Dres, Helmut (SCC) <>, Grein, Guenter (SCC) <>, Benedikt Hegner <>, Victor Diez Gonzalez <>, Nils Høimyr <>, Maria Dimou (chair and notes)

  1. GGUS dev. team agreed to migrate the tracker to jira.
  2. It is understood that the current jira instance only supports CERN logins.
  3. As jira uses SSO for authentication, CERN logins and all EugridPMA certificates loaded on the browser can be used.
  4. It is understood and accepted that the "GGUS ticket (optional)" private field of our savannah tracker ESC doesn't exist in the jira instance. This is accepted and we shall use existing jira fields for external links when we need to refer to a GGUS ticket number.
  5. It is understood that jira-savannah-jira re-direction (e.g. for internal links to other savannah tickets, comments, files) doesn't work at this point with the jira test instance.
  6. The ESC savannah tracker will be copied to the jira test instance sometime next week, say 2013/04/24 (ACTION: savannah/jira team).
  7. We shall get familiar with the jira look&feel (ACTION: GGUS team).
  8. A plan of full migration will be decided around June, say 20130606 (ACTION: All).
  9. We may need to use the Commercial/Central jira instance and not the open source one, as GGUS is based on Remedy which is a commercial product. As the GGUS code, itself, is not commercial, the decision on the instance to be used when we enter production will be taken later.
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