8-12 September 2014
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

B -> D and Bs--> Ds semileptonic decays on the lattice

8 Sep 2014, 17:30
EI 7 lecture hall (Vienna University of Technology)

EI 7 lecture hall

Vienna University of Technology





We present the results for the normalization of the relevant form factor mediating the semileptonic B-->Dlnu and Bs-->Ds lnu decays in the Standard Model, as obtained by using the maximally twisted mass QCD on the lattice with Nf=2 dynamical light quarks, and with the fully propagating heavy quark. Furthermore, the form factors needed for description of these decays in a generic scenarios of physics beyond the Standard Model near zero recoil are also presented. Preliminary results for F(1), needed to normalize B-->D* lnu and Bs-->Ds* lnu decays, are also presented in this talk.

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