8-12 September 2014
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Vub experimental review

10 Sep 2014, 09:25
EI 10 lecture hall (Vienna University of Technology)

EI 10 lecture hall

Vienna University of Technology



Alexander Ermakov (Bonn)


In this talk I give an experimental review of the current status of |V_ub| determinations. Precision measurements of charmless semileptonic B-decays allow for a determination of the magnitude of the CKM matrix element V_ub, for a test of the consistency of the CKM mechanism and potentially of NP scenarios. In this talk the various experimental methods to determine |V_ub| based on exclusive and inclusive measurements using tagged and untagged data samples are presented. The various contributions to the uncertainties on the |V_ub| measurements and the persistent disagreement between excl. and incl. |V_ub| results are discussed.

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