8-12 September 2014
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

DCPV in charmless B decays at Belle

9 Sep 2014, 09:25
EI 10 lecture hall (Vienna University of Technology)

EI 10 lecture hall

Vienna University of Technology

Gußhausstraße 25-29, 1040 Wien (Vienna), AUSTRIA


Martin Sevior (University of Melbourne (AU))


We report preliminary measurements of the Branching Ratio (BR) for the charmless rare decays B0 -> pi0 pi0, B0 -> eta’ K*(892)0 and B+ -> Kbar*0 K*+. We also report the preliminary results for A_CP for B0 -> eta’ K*0 and the longitudinal fraction for B+ -> Kbar^*0 K*+. Previous Belle measurements of the BR for B^0 -> pi^0 pi^0 are significantly larger than theoretical expectations and employed approximately one third of the full data set. The mode B -> eta’ K*(892)^0 is sensitive to a potentially large flavor-singlet contribution. Previous studies provided evidence for its existence at the 4-sigma level. The decay B0 -> K* K* proceeds via a b-> d penguin process and is sensitive to New Physics contributions. All three measurements employ the full data set of 711fb-1 available at Belle.

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