8-12 September 2014
Vienna University of Technology
Europe/Vienna timezone

Muon LFV (experiment)

11 Sep 2014, 15:30
EI 9 lecture hall (Vienna University of Technology)

EI 9 lecture hall

Vienna University of Technology



Yusuke Uchiyama (The University of Tokyo)


Search for the lepton flavor violation has long history and is now active area of the experimental search for physics beyond the Standard Model. Last year the MEG experiment, searching for the mu->e gamma decay, completed the data acquisition, leading to one of the most stringent constraints on building BSM models. The muon LFV search will be followed by several sophisticated experiments as well as the final result from MEG with double statistics, and new insights into physics must be brought from those experiments in 5 years from now. In this talk, we will review the status and future prospects of muon LFV experiments including MEG, MEG II, Mu3e, DeMee, COMET, and Mu2e.

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