The workshop aims at bringing together students, postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists to discuss results, perspectives, and novel trends in (quantum) field theory and gravity.

The format of the meeting is informal to allow for discussions and the exchange of ideas amongst participants. Depending on demand, we plan for up to 10 slots for presentations. We also plan for a barbecue afterwards (subject to weather conditions).

This is the 2nd meeting of its kind. The 1st UK-QFT meeting entitled Non-perturbative aspects in field theory has been held at Kings, see: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/nms/depts/physics/news/non-perturbative-aspects-in-Field-Theory.pdf


Lorentz-symmetry violating gauge fields and origin of dynamical flavour oscillations
Jean Alexandre (KCL)

Lattice quantum gravity, a status report
Daniel Coumbe (Glasgow)

Probing the quantum nature of spacetime by diffusion
Astrid Eichhorn (Perimeter)

Dynamical supergravity breaking
Nicholas Houston (KCL)

Limit cycles, asymptotic safety and lattice quantum gravity
Daniel Litim (Sussex)

Field theory of neutrinos in torsionful geometries of the early universe and matter-antimatter asymmetry
Nick Mavromatos (KCL)

Non-equilibrium thermal field theory
Peter Millington (Sheffield)

More on asymptotic safety in the f(R) approximation
Tim Morris (Soton)

Quantum-gravitational scattering in the eikonal limit
Robert Old (Sussex)

Symmetry Improved CJT Effective Action: Renormalization, Thresholds and Effective Potential
Daniele Teresi (ManU)

Travel directions
You can find us on the U Sussex campus map http://www.sussex.ac.uk/aboutus/findus
The Physics & Astronomy Department is located in the Pevensey II building 50 (L). The meeting will take place in room 4C10 (please follow the signs). All in all, it is about 5-10min walking distance from Falmer train station.
Sussex University
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