Yevgeny Kats

LHC searches examined via the RPV MSSM: Part 2 - stops and gluinos

WH11NE - Sunrise (Fermilab - LPC)

WH11NE - Sunrise

Fermilab - LPC

Abstract: The LHC has disfavored R-parity conserving supersymmetry as a natural explanation for the electroweak symmetry breaking scale. However, if R-parity is violated, the phenomenology can be quite different, potentially resulting in significantly relaxed LHC constraints on the superpartner masses. In this talk, we will explore processes initiated by the pair production of stops or gluinos. In some scenarios, the resulting cascade decays contain little or no MET, and only a small number or no leptons. Nevertheless, large jet and b-jet multiplicities provide useful handles. We will demonstrate that although the few searches which have ventured into this territory have been quite powerful, many scenarios are still unconstrained. We will discuss additional searches that would be helpful and how their results could be presented in a manner amenable to re-interpretation by theorists.