1-5 September 2014
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Europe/Prague timezone

An automated framework for hierarchical reconstruction of B mesons at the Belle II experiment

2 Sep 2014, 16:35
C219 (Faculty of Civil Engineering)


Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague Thakurova 7/2077 Prague 166 29 Czech Republic
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Christian Pulvermacher (KIT)


Belle II is an experiment being built at the $e^+e^-$ SuperKEKB B factory, and will record decays of a large number of $B \bar B$ pairs. This pairwise production of $B$ mesons allows analysts to use one correctly reconstructed $B$ meson to deduce the four-momentum and flavour of the other (signal-side) $B$ meson, without reconstructing any of its daughter particles. It also permits, in conjunction with a signal-side selection, to account for all tracks and calorimeter signals in an event and thus get a cleaner sample, e.g. for decays containing neutrinos. I will present a software framework for Belle II that reconstructs $B$ mesons in many decay modes with minimal user intervention. It does so by reconstructing particles in user-supplied decay channels, and then in turn using these reconstructed particles in higher-level decays. This hierarchical reconstruction allows to cover a relatively high fraction of all $B$ decays by specifying a limited number of particle decays. Multivariate classification methods are used to achieve a high signal-to-background ratio in each individual channel. The entire reconstruction, including the application of precuts and classifier trainings, is automated to a high degree and will allow users to easily add new channels or to retrain on analysis-specific Monte Carlo samples.

Primary authors

Christian Pulvermacher (KIT) Thomas Keck (KIT)


Martin Heck (KIT, Karlsruhe) Michael Feindt (KIT) Thomas Kuhr (KIT)

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