29-31 October 2013
Centre de Convention, Archamps
Europe/Zurich timezone

Future heavy-ion performance of the LHC (30' + 10')

31 Oct 2013, 11:10
Centre de Convention, Archamps

Centre de Convention, Archamps

Domaine de Chosal Archamps Technopole 74160 Archamps


John Jowett


Abstract: The evolution of the Pb-Pb and p-Pb luminosities of the LHC, and the efficiency with which available operating time can be exploited, will depend on the timing of various upgrades of the injectors, the collider and the experiments. Data from the first Pb-Pb operation at 6.5 Z TeV per beam will be crucial in clarifying the roles of quench limits and the needs for counter-measures. Using the best information now available, estimates of the integrated luminosities from LS1 onwards will be given, taking account of the progress of upgrades. The possibility of additional Pb-Pb operation during the connection of Linac4 to the PS Booster is discussed.

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